The Wellness Odyssey: Poonam Gupta's Immuno Life Chronicle

Poonam Gupta, an entrepreneur and the founder of Immuno Life Pvt Limited, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her journey. Coming from a middle-class background with a father in the Air Force and a mother who was a teacher, Poonam embarked on her entrepreneurial path during her college years. Over the years, she has successfully navigated various ventures, including Octa Life Sciences and her latest endeavour, Immuno Life Pvt Limited. Poonam Gupta's commitment extends beyond business, as evidenced by her active involvement in social work and the establishment of the 'Together We Can foundation.' Her relentless pursuit of contributing to society is a testament to her values and vision.

In this interview, join us as we delve into Ms. Punam's journey and the impactful work being done by Immuno Life Pvt Ltd. (This interview is paraphrased to fit proper grammar and also highlights some important talking points.).

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Vygr Media: So, Poonam, tell us about your journey and how Immuno Life came into existence.

Poonam Gupta: Certainly, I come from a middle-class background and started my entrepreneurial journey in computer education. Over time, I ventured into ISO certification consulting and later felt the need for something more. That's when Octa Life Sciences and the Immuno Life brand took shape in response to the challenges faced during the COVID era.

Vygr Media: It's impressive how you transitioned from computer education to founding Immuno Life. Can you share more about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

Poonam Gupta: The COVID pandemic disrupted the third-party manufacturing setup, pushing me to establish my brand. We identified the need for essential products, leading to the creation of Immuno Life. The initial focus was on boosting immunity, and we introduced the Tulsi Inhaler, considering its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The challenge was adapting to the online shift during the pandemic, but it also prompted us to establish our brand.

Vygr Media: That's fascinating. How did you decide on the name Immuno Life, and what was the response to your first product, the Tulsi Inhaler?

Poonam Gupta: Well,the name reflects our commitment to enhancing immunity. The response to Tulsi Inhaler was overwhelming, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. People appreciated the chemical-free aspect, considering the prevalent health concerns. The name Immuno Life signifies our dedication to overall well-being and a healthy life through Ayurveda.

Vygr Media: It's commendable how you adapted to the circumstances. Moving forward, you mentioned working with farmers. Could you elaborate on your initiatives related to organic farming and your collaboration with Celebrating Farmer Edge?

Poonam Gupta: Celebrating Farmer Edge involves working with 1500 farmers, encouraging organic farming practices. We guide them on creating value-added products from sugarcane, promoting organic alternatives. The goal is not only to uplift farmers but also to contribute to a healthier environment by reducing the use of pesticides and promoting sustainable agriculture. Organic farming aligns with our mission of providing chemical-free products to consumers.

Vygr Media: That's a holistic approach. You also mentioned your NGO, Together We Can Foundation. How does it contribute to society, and what are your future plans for it?

Poonam Gupta: The foundation is dedicated to various social causes, including free training for street food vendors, prisoners, and those running charitable initiatives like langars. Our focus is on self-employment and skill development. Looking ahead, I aim to set up ten industries, fostering entrepreneurship and contributing to economic growth. The NGO is an essential part of our commitment to giving back to society. We've also extended our support to vulnerable communities during the COVID pandemic, providing essentials and spreading awareness about safety measures.

Vygr Media: Truly inspiring, Poonam . As we wrap up, can you share your vision for Immuno Life in the coming years?

Poonam Gupta: My vision for Immuno Life is to reach 30 million people, offering quality Ayurvedic products. I want to continue empowering farmers, promoting organic practices, and contributing to a healthier and more sustainable society. Additionally, as mentioned yesterday, I've been declared a mini cluster with plans to set up ten industries, furthering our impact on economic development.

Vygr Media: Thank you for sharing your incredible journey and insights with us today. Your dedication to both business and social causes is truly commendable.

For a detailed interview, watch the YouTube podcast.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this content featuring Poonam Gupta, founder and CEO of Immuno Life Pvt Limited, is to provide insights into the company's background, principles, and future objectives. The information shared in this context is derived from Poonam Gupta's perspectives and experiences during the interview. To enhance readability, minor adjustments have been made without altering the intended meaning. It's important to note that this content does not offer financial, legal, or professional advice. The expressed opinions of Poonam Gupta are personal and may not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Vygr Media or the platform.

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