Who We Are

Vygr – Where New Lives

Vygr is a News Media Brand from the house of Vygr Media Private Limited, that aims to bring powerful Tech to the domain of News & Media in India; giving immense purpose, speed and credibility to the creation & dissemination of New Gen-oriented News Content and information. 

Over 10% of the Indian population comprises of students and professionals functioning out of Urban India and a large majority of them are using smartphones for their daily needs.

Every platform - Website, App, Social Media Platforms, Community engagement platforms, User Forums, OTT has its own user base. Rather than trying to create a super-app and contesting against their power, Vygr aims to tap into their success formula and serve those users News and Information, they way they like it with the power of technology rather than arduous manpower.

The Problem Statement

Journalism has known traditional forms of news and content dissemination - Publishing, radio and then broadcast. The millenials (especially the late milennials) and the GenZ does not believe in reading stale news the next morning in the Newspaper. Their music choices rarely take them to the radio - so hearing the news on the radio is a distant thought. Broadcast has become entertainment and sensationalism than news information and a knowledge source. This generation that is currently the biggest demographic of India (nearly 60%) is not consuming news in traditional formats. But they often are so turned off by these sources that they dont end up reading at all.

Hence, even though we are surrounded by information…But our minds are getting tuned out to the noise. We learn only what we want to learn.  We know only what we want to know. We believe only what we want to believe.

Then, shouldn’t New Media adapt?

The Solution with Vygr 

Without a segregation of Who, What, Where and How.. Vygr aims to Blitzkrieg information

To those Who want. 

To What they want. 

To Where they want. 

To How they want.

Vygr aims to reach its readers’ favourite platforms and devices with its speed and accuracy and deliver the information and knowledge to them not just about current affairs but also also Science, Business, tech, Government policy, International Entertainment, Regional news in the format they like to consume information, dynamically adapting to their tastes and platforms as they go.

This truly defines the idea of New Media that believes in:

Two Way Communication. 

Pro-sumer Mode of Consumption. 

Fully Digitized Means of Information


Vygr Aims to work on: 

One Content – Synchronized Outreach (The COCE Method)

Vygr will …. 

Consolidate all News and Information content

In One Centralized Repository

Customize it to the needs and liking of the audience of each platform

Enable the disseminator to simultaneously post the content to all proprietory platforms 

And Official Social Media Handles at the same time

The content will be disseminated across all Vygr's self-owned platforms like App, Website, OTT and also via User-dominated platforms like Social Media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), Community Engagement platforms(Whatsapp, Telegram, LinkedIn communities, Facebook groups), Video streaming platforms, Newsletters, Events, Forum Based platforms (Quora, Reddit), Podcasts and will also be future-adaptive to accomodate the oncoming on AR, VR, Metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain technologies for its effectiveness to remain constant.

The reader will find the information customized to their favourite platform's liking on their platform without the necessity of downloading an app or going to a specific web page.

All topics from light-hearted content in the form of Fashion, Arts, Culture, Entertainment to seriously written editorials and opinion pieces will be  a part of Vygr - making it a free, one-stop, go-to name across any platform of the reader's choice.


The Founder Profile:

Sonam Bhagat

The Capability to actually impact lives rather than just serve one's own self was the reason why Sonam took a giant un-common leap from being one of the most Successful Private Bankers in the country to the field of New Media and Journalism. She today, shoulders the tough yet exciting task of Ensuring Vygr delivers on all its promises to all its stakeholders . 

She comes from a background of 15 years of Business and Leadership experience – 

13 years in Private Banking, leading teams and ensuring consistent top revenues for India’s well-known Wealth Management firm as ‘Associate Director, Anand Rathi Wealth’ and 2 years of bringing up a Media business from Ground Zero to one of the most formidable and sought-after New Media Brands in the country  as ‘Executive Director & Business Head, Dais World.’

It isn't easy but the thrill of seeing one's dream succeed beyond one's own expectation - is better than any other feeling and she lives and thrives by it everyday.


Vygr’s Vision:

As an Equal opportunity Employer:

Vygr is a Technology platform coming to the News Media space with fresh ideas and energy - it aims to uplift an entire generation of Media and Industry bound jobseekers to access, assimilate, absorb and reproduce information in the form of appealing content across multiple platforms - app, website, social media, community engagement and podcasts - that enriches the screen-time of millions of readers, first in India and then across countries. 

As a Next-Gen Business:

   Speed of dissemination cannot be compromised with Authenticity or Quality of Delivery - It is a fine balance that Vygr is looking to strike with human minds being engaged in maintaining the imperative check of quality and authenticity while Tech comes in to generate, aggregate and disseminate with speed, glitch-free.
   Vygr aims to build businesses and sub-segments within itself to energize the entire chain of communication- from source to consumer and even backwards with its pro-sumer intent.