Strong Dad's Assertive Son Krishna Gupta is on the verge of Securing Risk to mitigate Any Cyber Attacks

Are you concerned about the safety of your data? Relax, Krishna Gupta founded OMVAPT's team is here to secure your Risk.

A 36-year first-generation high-tech entrepreneur is here to help secure the information. His mission is to help billions of people and organisations to keep their information secure so that they do not have to worry about data breaches. This natural leader is developing a robust technology for cyber Security. Krishna has over two decades (20+ years) of expertise in IT and Information Security.

However, he began his career with the Manual Removal of Viruses in a Symantec Project, which allowed him to enter the Cyber Security domain before gaining this valuable experience. As a former employee, he has been an Intrapreneur. Krishna has won numerous awards and recognitions. Despite never having requested, most of his former managers and directors have picked him as a leader.

Some of these things helped mould him into the person he is today. It's like the Universe has already decided on his path as an entrepreneur. However, it's waiting for him to reveal it.

Krishna had always aspired to have his own business. After working for startups, Small-andMedium-Businesses (SMBs), Small-and-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs), and Fortune 100 Companies in the functionalities of Information Security Generalist, Information Technology Generalist, Systems Administrator, and Information Security Manager, he discovered his dream of establishing OMVAPT.

You'll be delighted to learn what OMVAPT stands for!

'OM' is the beginning of everything, and the source of infinite wisdom comes from the word 'Sanskrit'. Information security always puts the human factor first. Consciousness propels us forward with Security.

Beyond the Privacy by Design and Security by Design. VA stands for Vulnerability Assessment, and PT means Penetration Tests. VAPT is an acronym, and IT and Information Security know it well. OMVAPT is an Information Security company. We find security gaps (Vulnerabilities) and even fix (remediate) them. OMVAPT mitigates the security gaps if the clients ask for the same.

OMVAPT Private Limited has an office in Bengaluru, the IT hub and silicon valley, in 2016. It has a prosperous presence in two countries, India and Estonia. This strong-minded person has already achieved one desire and works efficiently to accomplish all other dreams. Krishna is no longer restricted to traditional employment because he has earned it. It is challenging to build a bootstrapped cybersecurity firm, yet he did.

"Always deliver more than expected."

His vision to serve people in India and the entire globe has taken its shape, and addressing to solve the 'Moonlighting' and 'The Great Resignation'. Most of the employees leave the organisation because of the poor work culture. After the pandemic, most have discovered they want to work and make their living without being tied to one company and its irrational policies.

With this global trend, the rise of freelancers has, even in India, taken shape. OMVAPT Private Limited has started to solve this challenge on the sixth anniversary of OMVAPT Private Limited. FixaRisk focuses on the Indian Freelancing Market before its presence in other countries. However, Cyber Security Experts who find Security Gaps and IT Security Experts who Fix Security gaps are welcome to join the platform for free.

 The idea is to serve the gig economy and take a particular set of fees only when the freelancers get paid for their work. Krishna is committed, takes on challenges, and breaks his comfort zone to meet his vision of securing the risks of billions of people and companies worldwide.

Being a founder makes it difficult to maintain daily concentration, but he loves ethical hacking. However, he keeps improving his skills because he is passionate about keeping up with cutting-edge technology. His entrepreneurial journey has just started, and his vision is to build a company that will last beyond him. This story shows that Krishna is a self-reliant and responsible individual. However, to be an efficient business owner, team-building is optimum to take the company to the next level. 

  Every successful entrepreneur, however, has a backstory that is often untold. Krishna comes from a loving, kind household. He took inspiration from his dad. Whenever Krishna faced a financial crisis, he always assisted him. Even though his dad isn't there, his love and blessing are always with him.

 His dad is a real-supportive energy source that keeps him on the right path to achieving his purpose. Another significant supporting force in Krishna's life is his mom. She genuinely cares about him and does her best to support him.

 Krishna is a dedicated businessman who constantly delivers his responsibilities to his family, workplace, and other things. This multitasker startup creator shares the quintessential notes he has learned during this journey.

According to him, some essential qualities to develop a niche are consistency, determination, perseverance, and persistence. Keep in mind that marketing and sales are not the same things. Both consistency and discipline are crucial. Whether we like it or not, once we've embraced business, we must maintain a strict routine and never deviate from our commitment to helping others.

People who secure risks have a moral obligation to help individuals and organisations maintain their information security so that they are not concerned about data breaches.

Don't be the lock; instead, be someone's key.

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