Mansi Aggarwal and the Yin Yang Films Saga: Redefining Cinema, One Story at a Time

In the intricate fabric of Indian film, the transformative impact of female directors shines as a beacon of inspiration and change. These innovative storytellers are shattering barriers and questioning conventional wisdom, reworking narratives through a distinct lens and crafting tales that reflect the realities of Indian women. These directors are doing more than just making movies; they are enacting a cultural revolution, and making a lasting impression on the country's film industry. Mansi Aggarwal is one such transformative director who is breaking down barriers in Indian cinema and capturing strength, tenacity, and diverse stories, and giving them a voice.

The Woman Behind The Scene

Mansi Aggarwal is a versatile artist who became well-known in Indian cinema by skillfully fusing dance, choreography, and writing. Mansi began her artistic adventure with Kathak, a classical dance form that was her pastime and developed it into her dancing school. At an alumni celebration at Delhi University's Hansraj College, her complex semi-classical choreography drew the attention of renowned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, which resulted in the 21-year-old’s debut in the movie "Gulaal". This was a pivotal moment in her career.

After filming "Dev D" and "Gulaal" in 2008, Mansi moved to Bombay and established herself as a narrative-driven choreographer. Her creative method of fusing narration with choreography was shown in the motion pictures "Kai Po Che," "Mary Kom," and "Gippi." Even in songs like "Suno Na Sange Marmar," where dancing was not a major theme, Mansi's choreography developed into a visual narrative that advanced the plot.

She was nominated for a Filmfare Award for her choreography in the song “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” from the movie Shanghai.

But this was just the start of the wondrous journey she was about to undertake. She wanted to explore her art of narrative-driven storytelling further, and produce works that transcended beyond just being “ordinary” movies. This led to the birth of Ying Yang Films.

The Debut of Yin Yang Films

Mansi and her spouse Arindam Bhattacharjee co-founded Yin Yang Films, which gave her artistic portfolio an additional dimension. She has created, produced, and directed two short films under this umbrella, "The Handbag" and "Raani," both of which won praise for their original stories. Red Grab Books was impressed by Mansi's storytelling skills during the "Raani" promotion, and as a result, they published her debut novel, "Oceanic Hearts," which further demonstrated her talent as a writer.

Yin Yang Films is more than just a production company; it's a haven for unique storytelling. The idea for Yin Yang Films came from a desire for creative freedom and the chance to make films like "The Handbag" and "Raani" in a way that is true to their artistic vision.

With two movies already under its belt, Yin Yang Films defies traditional storytelling. 

“Yin Yang Films is a reflection of stories we want to tell,” says Mansi Aggarwal.

The focus of Mansi and Arindam's production house is on finding stories that go beyond simple plots. It's about creating a deep emotional and intellectual bond with the audience by getting them to think and feel. She aims to produce material with Yin Yang Films that is not just appreciated but also relatable, crafting stories that linger vividly in the hearts and minds of those who encounter them.

Path To Success

Yin Yang is the brainchild of Mansi Aggarwal and Arindam Bhattacharjee. Even though the production company is still in its infancy, it has won critical acclaim and stirred strong feelings within viewers.

“The Handbag” was an official selection at Darbhanga International Film Festival and Lift Off International Film Festival. It is released by Humara Movie YouTube channel, the most esteemed platform for short films.

“Raani” won the Best Actor Award at the Golden Jury International Film Festival and was a Finalist in the same. It was released on three platforms: “Disney Plus Hotstar”, MX Player and Hungama Play.

Fighting Against The Odds

Yin Yang Films hopes to tell stories that are authentic and break free from the limitations imposed by the industry, drawing inspiration from their favourite directors. Mansi believes that art is for everyone, regardless of gender, and is influenced by the works of Tarkovsky and Nolan. She is conscious, though, of the male predominance in the film industry, which shapes stories primarily from a male perspective.


Mansi sees her production house as a powerful tool to break free from traditional stereotypes and stand apart from the crowd. They want to make projects with a natural appeal that respects the audience's intelligence.

But there have been obstacles along the way. Women in the film industry face many problems, including investors who don't want to back projects led by women even when they have a track record of success. Finance continues to be a significant barrier, highlighting the industry's enduring gender bias.

Yin Yang Films, however, is a monument to inventiveness and tenacity. Mansi's journey as a creative person is reflected in both the brand's advancement and her recently published book, "Oceanic Hearts" 

She is looking forward to converting “Oceanic Hearts” into a feature film. The screenplay of which is co-written by a young writer “Girish Bindal”, along with Mansi.

Yin Yang Films is also developing a few other scripts with young and talented writers.

Mansi Aggarwal’s feature script "Dil Beparwaah," is presently in the pitching stage. Manish Anand of “Pushpavalli” fame will be playing the male lead in it. Her letter to her younger self, which will soon be included in an anthology, captures her advice to aspiring artists and relates to her own experience. 

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In Conclusion

Yin Yang Films and their artistic endeavours have had a variety of audiences. The narrative of Yin Yan Films is woven together by passion, difficulties, and an unwavering quest for genuine storytelling within the ever-changing field of Indian cinema.


“Redefining Cinema, One Story at a Time”

~ Yin Yang Films


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