From Seeds to Style: The Rise of Green Hermitage in Sustainable Fashion

Green Hermitage - your gateway to 100% cruelty-free, eco-conscious elegance in the world of fashion - is your portal to the junction of style, luxury, and sustainability. Enjoy a harmonic blend of timeless fashion and environmental responsibility with the finely created assortment of sustainable leather bags from Green Hermitage. The founder, Gayatri Varun's concept for the company goes beyond traditional fashion rules, advocating for a change to 'slow fashion.' Green Hermitage stands apart with its holistic dedication to environmental sustainability.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiring story behind Green Hermitage, a brand that seamlessly combines style, luxury, and environmental consciousness. From the brand's inception and design philosophy to its commitment to transparency, sustainability, and social impact, Gayatri Varun shares the highs, lows, and future aspirations of Green Hermitage.

Vygr Host: Good morning, everyone. Today, we're speaking with Gayatri Varun, the Founder, Director, and CEO of Green Hermitage. Gayatri, thank you for joining us.

Gayatri Varun: Thank you so much for having me.

Vygr Host: To begin, could you please give your name, designation, and brand name?

Gayatri Varun: Of course. My name is Gayatri Varun, and I am the Founder, Director, and CEO of Green Hermitage.

Vygr Host: What motivated you to create Green Hermitage?

Gayatri Varun: The idea blossomed in college when a classmate and I imagined a business focusing on handbags and travel accessories. Years later, in my search for a non-animal leather handbag, I came upon the concept of plant-based leather. I founded Green Hermitage in 2021, seeing a gap in the Indian market for such products, and introduced it globally in 2022.

Vygr Host: Is there an advertising tagline linked with the name "Green Hermitage," and why did you chose it?

Gayatri Varun: We wanted a name that was organic, natural, and elegant. The term "hermit" refers to a person who has a very sacred and one-with-nature relationship with the surroundings, while "hermitage" refers to a comprehensive way of life within a natural habitat. The addition of "Green" underscores our environmentally friendly approach. Our logo, a leaf with a circular swirl, represents the cyclical nature of life.

Vygr Host: Could you explain Green Hermitage's mission and vision?

Gayatri Varun: Our goal is to establish ourselves as India's leading Vegan Sustainable luxury brand for artisanal handbags and travel accessories. We want to be the top choice for people looking for mindful products. The objective is to move urban customers toward conscious choices by providing them with the most beautiful statement pieces that are also very sustainable.

Vygr Host: What services and goods does Green Hermitage provide, and who is your target market?

Gayatri Varun: We are a gender-fluid brand that caters to anyone ready to make a conscious transition. Our inventory includes large bags such as duffels, totes, and shoulder bags, as well as smaller things such as wallets and cardholders. Our audience ranges from 16-year-olds to people in their 60s, so there is something for everyone.

Vygr Host: In terms of pricing and target demographic, how does Green Hermitage position itself?

Gayatri Varun: We consider ourselves a premium brand, not just in terms of price, but also in terms of the value of handmade, hand-embroidered products manufactured from plant-based materials. Each bag is a work of art, reflecting the time, effort, and quality put into it.

Vygr Host: What distinguishes Green Hermitage from other brands?

Gayatri Varun: Aside from sustainability, our focus on unique design sets us apart. Using hand-embroidered plant leather, we offer striking items that combine traditional Indian stitching with modern motifs. Our commitment to transparency, from material sources to product information, adds to our allure.

Vygr Host: Can you share some of Green Hermitage's business strategies?

Gayatri Varun: Our guiding principles are sustainability, social impact, and economic empowerment. We collaborate with local craftspeople, self-help groups, and animal welfare organizations. Transparency is essential, both internally and with customers. We make certain that every area of our operation is consistent with our commitment to sustainability.

Vygr Host: What materials does Green Hermitage use?

Gayatri Varun: We were the first to use cactus, coconut, and apple leather, as well as cork, coconut, and hemp. These approved materials are subjected to extensive testing for durability and quality. Our artisans handcraft products from these materials with care, achieving a balance of sustainability and artistry.

Vygr Host: Could you share some of the highs and lows of your trip thus far?

Gayatri Varun: Our journey was fraught with difficulties, especially in honing the use of novel materials and establishing credibility in a crowded market. Building recognition as a female founder was another challenge. However, favourable feedback from consumers, such as the 72-year-old lady who praised our most exquisite piece, has been extremely rewarding.

Vygr Host: Do you have any initiatives or plans for Green Hermitage in the future?

Gayatri Varun: We work with animal welfare organizations and donate to PETA's care activities. Our products are packaged in boxes with artwork created by children with cerebral palsy to support the Kairassi Foundation. We intend to maintain similar endeavours, with a focus on welfare and economic empowerment.

Vygr Host: What recommendations would you provide to aspiring business owners?

Gayatri Varun: Trust your intuition and persevere in the face of adversity. Every business should have a component that benefits the natural ecology. Incorporate sustainability deliberately; it will help both your company and the environment.

That brings us to the end of our conversation with Gayatri Varun, Founder, Director, and CEO of Green Hermitage. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with us.


Disclaimer- The purpose of this interview piece with Green Hermitage's founder, director, and CEO, Gayatri Varun, is to shed light on the company's history, core principles, and future goals. The interviewee's opinions and experiences at the time of the interview form the basis of the information included in this article, some adjustments have been made to enhance readability without altering the interviewee's intended meaning. This text does not provide financial, legal, or professional guidance. The opinions expressed by Gayatri Varun are solely her own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Vygr Host or the platform.


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