7 Key Nations Invited to PM Modi's swearing-in ceremony

Narendra Modi, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), marks a historic milestone on June 9 as he is sworn in for a third term as prime minister.swearing in ceremony

Distinguished guests from seven nations, with whom India shares deep and varied bonds, grace the occasion. Representatives from Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, Seychelles, and Sri Lanka attend Modi's swearing-in ceremony. This gathering underscores the importance of India's relationships with its neighbors. From impactful infrastructure ventures with Bangladesh and Bhutan to strategic maritime collaborations with the Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius, India's ties with these nations hold immense significance.

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India-Maldives Relations

The bilateral relationship between India and the Maldives has experienced fluctuations, influenced by political shifts within the Maldives. The pro-China orientation of Maldivian President Mohammad Muizzu has posed challenges to the traditionally strong ties between the two nations.

  • Strategic Importance:

    • India plays a vital role as a net security provider in the Indian Ocean, underscoring its commitment to regional stability.

    • The Maldives' strategic geographic position is crucial for maritime security in the Indian Ocean, making it a focal point for regional security dynamics.

  • Defense and Security Cooperation:

    • India actively supports the Maldives in enhancing its defense capabilities.

    • This support includes infrastructure development and capacity building for the Maldivian defense forces, ensuring a robust security partnership.

  • Economic Ties:

    • India stands as a significant trade partner for the Maldives, contributing to the island nation's economic stability.

    • Development aid from India plays a crucial role in the economic development of the Maldives.

  • Key Infrastructure Projects:

    • The India-Maldives Friendship Bridge is a landmark project symbolizing the strong economic cooperation between the two countries.

    • India has been instrumental in various housing and infrastructure projects, further solidifying the economic partnership.

India-Maldives Relations

India-Bangladesh Relations

India and Bangladesh share a multifaceted relationship that forms a critical part of India's South Asian policy.

  • Economic Partnership:

    • Bilateral trade between India and Bangladesh has surged, reaching an impressive $15.9 billion in the fiscal year 2022-23.

    • This economic synergy is further bolstered by substantial infrastructural ventures, including the India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline and various railway projects initiated under India’s Lines of Credit program.

  • Energy Collaboration:

    • Energy cooperation serves as a pivotal aspect of the bilateral relationship, with Bangladesh importing a substantial 1,160 MW of power from India.

    • This collaboration not only strengthens energy security for Bangladesh but also fosters mutual trust and interdependence in the energy sector.

  • Strategic Engagements:

    • India’s strategic involvement in the development of the Mongla Port in Bangladesh underscores its efforts to counterbalance China’s expanding influence in the region.

    • This initiative, coupled with India’s operational rights to Chabahar Port in Iran and Sittwe Port in Myanmar, reflects a strategic maneuver aimed at maintaining regional stability and safeguarding mutual interests.

  • Defence Cooperation:

    • Cooperation in combating illicit activities and fostering high-level military exchanges underscores the robust defence partnership between India and Bangladesh.

    • These collaborative efforts serve to enhance regional security and promote mutual defense interests, contributing to the overall stability of the South Asian region.

India-Bangladesh Relations

India-Bhutan Relations

Formally established in 1968, the diplomatic ties between India and Bhutan have been marked by mutual cooperation and support. India's pivotal role in supporting Bhutan's Five Year Plans laid the foundation for this enduring partnership, emphasizing shared developmental goals.

  • Development Assistance:

    • India's substantial commitment of Rs 5,000 crores for Bhutan's 12th Five Year Plan underscores its unwavering support towards Bhutan's socio-economic progress.

    • Development aid spans crucial sectors such as infrastructure, healthcare, and education, reflecting India's dedication to fostering Bhutan's holistic growth.

  • Hydropower Cooperation:

    • Central to the bilateral relationship is the strategic collaboration in hydropower, with India actively participating in the construction of major hydroelectric projects in Bhutan.

    • This cooperation not only enhances Bhutan's energy infrastructure but also strengthens economic ties between the two nations.

  • Defense Cooperation:

    • Defense collaboration encompasses training and capacity building for Bhutanese defense personnel, contributing to the nation's security preparedness.

    • Robust security collaboration underscores the shared commitment to regional stability and mutual defense interests.

  • Diplomatic Exchanges and High-level Visits:

    • Regular high-level visits and diplomatic exchanges serve as a testament to the deep-rooted trust and understanding between India and Bhutan.

    • These interactions reinforce the strategic partnership, fostering closer ties and cooperation across various domains.

​​​​​​​India-Bhutan Relations

India-Sri Lanka Relations

The strategic significance of Sri Lanka's geographical position for India's maritime security and regional influence cannot be overstated. Amid Sri Lanka's economic crisis in 2022, India emerged as a crucial ally, extending substantial economic and humanitarian aid, highlighting the depth of their relationship.

  1. Economic Cooperation:

  • India's support extended beyond humanitarian aid, with significant investments in Sri Lanka's infrastructure, exemplified by projects like the Trincomalee energy hub.

  • Notably, Adani Green Energy's wind projects underscore the commitment to sustainable development and economic cooperation between the two nations.

  1. Strategic Imperatives:

  • With China's expanding presence in the Indian Ocean, India's role in bolstering Sri Lanka's maritime security gains paramount importance.

  • Collaborative efforts in joint border management initiatives and defense dialogues demonstrate India's proactive stance in combating illicit activities and securing shared borders.

  1. Strengthening Defense Ties:

  • Regular high-level visits and exchanges between military officials serve to reinforce the strategic partnership and enhance defense cooperation.

  • These interactions facilitate the sharing of expertise, intelligence, and resources, thereby augmenting both nations' defense capabilities.

​​​​​​​India-Sri Lanka Relations

India-Seychelles Relations

India and Seychelles share a longstanding history, marked by cultural and economic exchanges that have laid the groundwork for a robust partnership. Mutual respect and understanding have been key factors driving the bilateral relationship, fostering trust and cooperation.

  • Maritime Security Cooperation:

    • Central to the India-Seychelles relationship is their joint commitment to maritime security in the Indian Ocean region.

    • India's significant contributions to Seychelles' maritime infrastructure, including the establishment of the Coastal Surveillance Radar System, highlight the depth of this cooperation.

    • The provision of Dornier aircraft for maritime surveillance further solidifies India's role as a key partner in enhancing Seychelles' maritime capabilities.

  • Strategic Partnerships:

    • High-level diplomatic engagements, exemplified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit in 2015, have bolstered the strategic partnership between India and Seychelles.

    • These visits serve as platforms for dialogue and collaboration, paving the way for enhanced bilateral ties across various sectors.

  • Economic Dynamics:

    • While bilateral trade between India and Seychelles may be modest in scale, it holds significant importance for both nations.

    • In 2022-23, India exported goods worth USD 64.88 million to Seychelles, underscoring the economic interdependence between the two countries.

    • Indian companies, such as Bank of Baroda and Bharti Airtel, have established a notable presence in Seychelles, contributing to economic growth and development.

  • Development Assistance:

    • India's commitment to Seychelles' development extends beyond economic cooperation, encompassing various sectors such as health, education, and infrastructure.

    • This development assistance reflects India's dedication to fostering sustainable growth and prosperity in Seychelles, further deepening the bilateral relationship.

​​​​​​​India-Seychelles Relations

India-Nepal Relations

India-Nepal relations are deeply rooted in historical, cultural, and geographical ties, fostering a unique bond between the two nations. The open borders between India and Nepal facilitate seamless movement of people and goods, promoting cultural exchange and economic integration.

  • Economic Collaboration:

    • The trade and transit agreement forms the backbone of bilateral trade, enabling substantial economic interactions between India and Nepal.

    • India's investments in Nepal span various sectors, including infrastructure, energy, and healthcare, contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.

    • Notably, India's involvement in hydropower projects plays a crucial role in harnessing Nepal's abundant hydroelectric potential, fostering energy security and economic growth.

  • Strategic Partnership:

    • The defense cooperation between India and Nepal is pivotal for regional security and stability, encompassing training programs and capacity building initiatives for Nepalese defense personnel.

    • Efforts to enhance interoperability between the armed forces of both nations through joint exercises and regular high-level visits bolster the strategic dimension of the relationship.

    • These strategic collaborations serve to maintain peace and stability in the Himalayan region, addressing common security challenges and fostering mutual trust and cooperation.

  • Regional Implications:

    • The India-Nepal partnership assumes significance not only for the two countries but also for the broader South Asian region.

    • By fostering economic integration and security cooperation, India and Nepal contribute to the overall stability and prosperity of South Asia, promoting regional peace and development.

  • Challenges and Opportunities:

    • While the India-Nepal relationship is marked by close ties, occasional challenges may arise, necessitating diplomatic dialogue and cooperation to address mutual concerns.

    • Both countries have opportunities to further deepen their collaboration across various sectors, including trade, infrastructure development, and people-to-people exchanges, to unlock the full potential of their partnership.

  • Future Prospects:

    • As India and Nepal continue to strengthen their relationship, there is immense potential for deeper cooperation and collaboration in areas such as connectivity, tourism, and cultural exchange.

    • By leveraging their shared history and geographical proximity, India and Nepal can chart a course towards a more prosperous and interconnected future, benefiting not only their own citizens but the entire South Asian region.

​​​​​​​India-Nepal Relations

India-Mauritius Relations

Mauritius, home to a significant Indian-origin population, shares profound cultural and historical bonds with India. Despite its independence in 1968, diplomatic relations between India and Mauritius have a longstanding history.

Economic Ties:

  • India stands as one of Mauritius' foremost trade partners, with bilateral trade reaching $554.19 million in FY 2022-23.

  • The signing of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA) in 2021 has fortified this economic partnership, fostering mutual growth and prosperity.

Strategic Importance:

  • Strategically, Mauritius occupies a pivotal position in India's maritime strategy, particularly evident in the development initiatives on the Agaléga islands.

  • Infrastructure enhancements, including a new airstrip and jetty, bolster India's maritime capabilities and reaffirm its role as a key security provider in the Indian Ocean Region.

Defense Cooperation:

  • Defense cooperation between India and Mauritius extends to joint exercises and capacity building, aimed at ensuring maritime security.

  • This collaboration becomes increasingly significant amidst the rising presence of China in the region, underscoring the shared commitment to safeguarding regional stability.

  • The multifaceted relationship between India and Mauritius, spanning economic, strategic, and defense domains, epitomizes a robust partnership founded on shared values and mutual interests.

​​​​​​​India-Mauritius Relations

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