Mumbai BMW Hit-And-Run : Mihir Shah Admits Driving , Police Custody Till July 16, Rajesh Shah removed as deputy leader, Pub Faces Demolition

In a series of rapid developments in the Mumbai BMW hit-and-run case, the main accused, Mihir Shah, has admitted to driving the vehicle, while authorities have taken action against the pub that served him alcohol. Meanwhile, political repercussions continue as the Rajesh Shah faces removal from party leadership.

photo: Vice Bar and Pub demolition

Key Updates:

► Accused's Confession:

  • Mihir Shah, 24, has admitted to driving the BMW during the fatal accident.
  • He claims he wasn't drunk, despite evidence of heavy drinking before the incident.
  • Shah reportedly switched seats with his driver before the collision.
  • Sewri Court in Mumbai sends Mihir Shah to Police Custody Till July 16.

► Pub Demolition:

  • Sections of the Vice-Global Tapas Bar in Juhu were demolished by city officials.
  • The bar was sealed for serving alcohol to underage patrons (including Shah) and operating without a proper licence.
  • Action was taken under the Bombay Foreign Liquor Rules.

► Arrest Details:

  • Mihir Shah was arrested on July 9 in an apartment in Virar, 65 km from Mumbai.
  • A total of 12 people, including Shah's parents and two sisters, are in custody.
  • Police traced Shah when one of his friends turned on his phone briefly.

► Political Fallout:

  • Rajesh Shah, Mihir's father and a Shiv Sena leader, has been removed as deputy leader of the party by CM Eknath Shinde.
    photo: Shiv shena removes Rajesh Shan from Deputy leader post

  • Rajesh Shah received bail on Monday after paying ₹15,000.

Mumbai's attention is now sharply focused on road safety and accountability as a result of this tragic incident. It is reminiscent of other high-profile cases from recent years, like the two software engineers who died in the Pune Porsche hit-and-run case. These incidents keep bringing up issues with the efficacy of the current traffic laws and the power of political ties.

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The authorities' prompt action against the accused and the establishment that provided him with alcohol is indicative of their efforts to address public concerns. The victim's family's doubts about getting justice, however, draw attention to the continued difficulties in these kinds of cases.

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