Unveiling Past Lives: Nipuuna Ghosh on Self-Discovery and Karma

Have you ever felt like there's a whole other chapter to your life story, buried deep in your memory? Or maybe you're curious about how past experiences might be shaping your present? Well, get ready to meet Nipuuna Ghosh! Nipuuna isn't your average guest. She's been on an incredible journey of self-discovery, all thanks to something called past life regression therapy. Buckle up as she spills the tea on how this practice unlocked a whole new way of seeing life's challenges, transformed her outlook, and empowered her to take charge of her own growth. These interview excerpts are both insightful and inspiring, where we'll delve into the power of past lives, the importance of owning your experiences, and how to cultivate a mind that bends with life's blows.

photo: Nipuuna Ghosh

Vygr Media: Nipuuna, tell us about your journey. How did it all begin?

Nipuuna Ghosh: In 2014, I embarked on a path of self-exploration through past life regression therapy. It was a real turning point for me. It sparked a deeper dive into spirituality and self-awareness, opening my eyes to entirely new perspectives on life.  

Vygr Media: That sounds transformative. Can you share how these experiences changed you?

Nipuuna Ghosh: Absolutely. It helped me address those nagging inner conflicts that we all have, and find solutions to challenges that used to feel overwhelming. I became more aware of how I reacted to situations, and instead of getting stuck in negative patterns, I could actively work on personal growth.

Vygr Media: That's inspiring! Can you give an example of how your outlook has changed?

Nipuuna Ghosh: A key realisation is taking responsibility for my own reactions. It wasn't about blaming external factors anymore. Instead, I focused on how my responses and mindset could create better outcomes. It's a simple shift, but it can be so powerful! 

Vygr Media: You've clearly grown a lot. How do you maintain this mindset during life's difficulties?

Nipuuna Ghosh: I've learned to embrace change instead of fearing it. Now, I see challenges as opportunities to grow. By constantly reevaluating my responses and beliefs, I stay adaptable and resilient, no matter what life throws my way.

Vygr Media: Nipuuna, past life regression therapy is a fascinating topic. Can you elaborate on how it impacts individuals differently based on their unique subconscious mind and past experiences?

Nipuuna Ghosh: Past life regression therapy is like a guided exploration of the subconscious mind. It's a vast archive holding onto memories and experiences from all throughout our lives. Techniques like hypnosis or guided meditation can help individuals access these past life memories. Some individuals have a more open subconscious, allowing them to connect with past lives quickly and experience significant shifts in perspective. These shifts can lead to positive changes in their current lives. On the other hand, others may have a subconscious mind with more layers to navigate. Their past life exploration might take longer, influenced by factors like genetics, upbringing, and family dynamics.

Personally, I've found that past life regression has helped me understand how my responses to situations can shape my present reality. By gaining insights into past lives, I've developed a deeper sense of self-awareness and a stronger foundation for personal growth.

Vygr Media: That's a powerful insight, Nipuuna. Can you break down the process of past life regression therapy for our listeners? What does it actually involve?

Nipuuna Ghosh:In essence, past life regression therapy is a guided exploration of the subconscious mind. This mind acts like a vast database, storing memories and experiences from all of our lifetimes. Through techniques like hypnosis or guided meditation, a therapist can help individuals access these past life memories. As we grow older, our conscious mind tends to filter out memories from past lives. However, the subconscious mind retains this information. Past life regression therapy allows individuals to tap into this subconscious archive, understand the influence of past experiences on their present lives, and ultimately use these insights to address current challenges and create positive change.

Vygr Media: Nipuuna, past life regression therapy sounds fascinating. Is it similar to meditation or hypnosis, where individuals connect with their subconscious mind?

Nipuuna Ghosh: There are definite overlaps. Past life regression can involve various techniques, with hypnosis being one of the earlier methods. Hypnosis puts the client in a trance, whereas past life regression focuses on connecting with the client's energy to access the subconscious mind directly. Meditation also plays a crucial role, as it helps individuals reach the relaxed, trance-like state necessary for past life exploration.

Vygr Media: That makes sense. Now, how much practice does it take to become an effective past life regression therapist? Is it a natural gift, or can anyone learn it?

Nipuuna Ghosh: In my experience, it's a blend of both intuition and practice. Starting each day with a short meditation routine is key. Over time, through dedicated practice, individuals develop their own unique processes to connect with the subconscious mind. Regular self-healing sessions throughout the day are also important. They help maintain an active subconscious mind and create balance during spiritual journeys.

Vygr Media: So, it's like a doctor's practice, where continuous learning and honing skills are essential?

Nipuuna Ghosh: Absolutely! Consistent practice and ongoing learning are vital for mastery in past life regression therapy. Developing personalised meditation routines and self-healing practices is crucial for keeping your subconscious mind active and ultimately providing effective therapy for others on their spiritual paths.

Vygr Media: You've got me hooked! I have so many questions. Let's start with this concept of "selling." When it comes to past life regression therapy, it's important to remember that you can't truly help others until you've helped yourself. You need to develop your own intuition and skills to the point where you can confidently guide others on their journey.

Nipuuna Ghosh: That makes perfect sense. But how do you do that? Is it like self-medication, where you figure out the solution for yourself and then apply it to others?

Nipuuna Ghosh: Not exactly. The key is to practice past life regression therapy on yourself until you reach a level of comfort and confidence. Once you're there, you'll be able to connect with others on a deeper level and help them access their own subconscious minds.

Vygr Media: Can you give me an example?

Nipuuna Ghosh: Sure. Let's say you're struggling with a particular issue in your life. You can use past life regression therapy to explore the root cause of the issue and find a solution. Once you've successfully addressed the issue for yourself, you'll be in a much better position to help others who are struggling with similar issues.

Nipuuna Ghosh:That's fascinating. So, it's like you're constantly learning and growing as a past life regression therapist?

Nipuuna Ghosh: Exactly. The more you practice, the more you'll learn about yourself and the more effective you'll be in helping others.

Vygr Media: I'm curious, do you ever have clients who are hesitant to try past life regression therapy?

Nipuuna Ghosh: Yes, it's not uncommon for people to be hesitant at first. After all, it's a very personal and transformative experience. However, I've found that most people who try past life regression therapy are glad they did. It can be a powerful tool for healing and personal growth.

Vygr Media: That brings us to the concept of karma. How does past life regression play into your understanding of karma and the idea that our present experiences are shaped by our past actions?

Nipuuna Ghosh: Absolutely. Past life regression therapy can offer valuable insights into past experiences that might be influencing your current life. By understanding these past experiences, you can begin to break free from negative patterns and create a more fulfilling present. It's about taking responsibility for your actions and choices, understanding the energetic consequences, and actively working towards positive change.

Vygr Media: That's a powerful message, Nipuuna. Thank you for sharing your journey and insights with us today!

Nipuuna Ghosh: Thank you for having me. It's been a pleasure.


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Disclaimer: The purpose of this interview with Nipuuna Ghosh is to share her insights and experiences with past life regression therapy. The information presented is based on Nipuuna's perspective and does not represent a scientific consensus on past lives. Past life regression therapy is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice. While past life regression can be a powerful tool for healing and growth, it's important to approach it with an open mind and a sense of discernment. The views expressed by Nipuuna Ghosh are personal and may not necessarily reflect the views of Vygr Media or its affiliates. 

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