VYGR exclusive: Dr. Sulochana Segera, Sri Lankan women empowerment activist on Indo-Lankan ties and women in Lankan politics

Dr. Sulochana Segera, a prominent women's empowerment activist from Sri Lanka, recently shared her insights on gender equality and India's cooperation with Sri Lanka in a conversation with VYGR News.

About Dr. Sulochana Segera

Dr. Sulochana Segera

In the MSME and SME sectors, Dr. Sulochana Segera is well-known for her work as a goodwill investor, mentor, and counsellor. She is known as the "diamonds in the rough" discoverer because of her work in rural settings, where she reveals hidden abilities. She is a winner of the Wim Top 50 award in Sri Lanka and a model of inspirational corporate leadership that encourages work-life harmony. Having obtained certification as a personality development trainer in Asia, she supports sustainable private sector investment through the World Bank's IFC and enables women via Coca-Cola's '5 by 20' campaign. As the patron of the T.E.A. Project, which helps children in Sri Lanka, and as a member of the Ministry of Skill Development, Employment, and Labour Relations' advisory committee, Dr. Segera is committed to social concerns.

In talks with Vygr Correspondence

Dr. Sulochana Segera & Ayanangsha Maitra

Sri Lanka has seen significant strides in gender equality, with women holding top leadership positions. Dr. Sulochana Segera emphasised the importance of fostering diversity and inclusivity, highlighting the role of India in supporting Sri Lanka, even preceding the IMF bailout.

She noted that while Sri Lanka boasts religious and racial inclusivity, there remains a need to address caste dynamics and ensure true inclusivity at home. Dr. Sulochana Segera stressed the importance of women's participation in entrepreneurship and leadership roles, citing the need for them to lead at all levels, not just on a small scale.

Comparing Sri Lanka with India, she acknowledged India's progress in women's participation and advocacy for leadership positions. She emphasised the need for Sri Lanka to emulate India's example and empower women to demand leadership roles actively.

Regarding women's participation in politics, Dr. Sulochana Segera highlighted the challenges, including tokenism and familial influence. She advocated for genuine interest and passion for politics among women, rather than mere familial or religious affiliations.

Lastly, Dr. Sulochana Segera's ideas show how important it is for Sri Lanka to work towards gender equality and inclusion, learn from India's success, and remove systemic barriers that keep women from gaining power in many areas of society.

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Image credit : Ayanangsha Maitra

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