Uttarakhand Unrest: Muslim Families Migrate as Violence Erupts in Haldwani

300 Muslim Families Seek Safety Amidst Haldwani Turmoil

In the aftermath of the recent violence in Uttarakhand's Haldwani, triggered by the demolition of an 'illegal' mosque and madrasa, more than 300 Muslim families from the Banbhoolpoora area have migrated to safer zones. The violence, which claimed six lives and injured 60, prompted families to travel on foot due to transportation limitations during the curfew.

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Police Crackdown and Curfew Amidst Ongoing Search Operations

The Uttarakhand Police continue extensive search operations, leading to the arrest of 30 individuals linked to the violence. Weapons were confiscated during these arrests. While curfew restrictions are easing in parts of Haldwani, Banbhoolpoora remains under strict curfew, with the district administration sealing entry and exit points. Internet services have been restored in some areas, excluding those still under curfew.


Uttarakhand DGP Abhinav Kumar : Source: X (@ANI) 

Controversial Past and Recovery Notice: Abdul Malik in the Spotlight Amid Haldwani Violence

Amidst the recent Haldwani violence, Abdul Malik, accused of orchestrating the chaos, faces scrutiny for his past role in providing free legal assistance during a railway demolition drive. The violence erupted after a mosque and madrasa, managed by Malik, were demolished, raising questions about the legality of their construction.

The Municipal Corporation in Haldwani has now issued a recovery notice of Rs 2.44 crore against Abdul Malik, alleging damage to government properties during the demolition drive. Malik is instructed to deposit the amount by February 15, or legal action for recovery will be taken.

The dispute involving Nazool land dates back to 1937, with a 2007 High Court order and a recent demolition notice. Locals, citing the 2007 order, appealed for time, leading to a High Court hearing listed for February 14. The situation remains tense, shedding light on the complex history and recent events in Haldwani.

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Accused Abdul Malik

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Appeals for Peace in Haldwani

Following the incident, a Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind delegation met with the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, expressing concerns about the hasty demolition that led to tensions. They emphasised the importance of waiting for court orders and appealed for peace in the region. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami announced plans to construct a police station at the site of the demolished mosque and madrasa.

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Understanding Nazool Land

Nazool Land: Government-Owned, Lease-Allotted, and at the Centre of Haldwani Violence

Violence erupted in Haldwani following a demolition drive at a mosque and madrasa, allegedly on Nazool land. Nazool land, owned by the government and lease-allotted for fixed periods, is crucial to understanding the dispute.

The Historical Context of Nazool Land

Originating during British rule, Nazool land resulted from battles where the British confiscated land from opposing kings. Post-independence, these lands were marked as Nazool land and handed over to state governments due to a lack of proper documentation by the former kings.

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Haldwani's Demolition Drive: Is it Registered Nazool Land?

The Haldwani district administration claims that the disputed property is registered as Nagar Nigam’s Nazool land, undergoing a demolition drive to clear roads from traffic congestion. A notice issued on January 30 required encroachments to be removed within three days, leading to the controversial demolition on February 8. The administration insists the demolition occurred with the court's approval, while locals argue for more time, requesting a delay until the High Court's next hearing on February 14.

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