Hinduja family members sentenced to jail for exploiting their Indian staff

On Friday, four prominent Hinduja family members were found guilty of exploiting their underpaid servants at their opulent Geneva, Switzerland, property. The sentences of four and a half years each were given to the older family members, Prakash Hinduja (78) and Kamal Hinduja (75), who were unable to attend the trial because of health concerns. Four years was the penalty given to Ajay Hinduja and his spouse Namrata, who were also not present in court. Najib Ziazi, the business manager for the Hinduja family, was given an 18-month suspended sentence.

Hinduja family members

The Hindujas claimed they were taken aback by the court's decision and that they had filed an appeal with a higher court. They are going to challenge the decision that found them guilty of abusing helpless domestic staff.

"Under Swiss law, the presumption of innocence is paramount till a final judgement by the highest adjudicating authority is enforced," the family said in a media statement.

With an estimated wealth of £37 billion, the Hinduja family, well-known for their extensive business empire spanning multiple industries, is ranked No. 1 among the 350 richest persons in the UK by Sunday Times. Earlier this week, the family members were accused of seizing workers' passports, preventing them from leaving the villa, and forcing them to work long hours for minimal pay.

Details of the case

The conviction was the result of an investigation that started in 2018 when Swiss authorities searched the Hinduja home, the Hinduja Bank offices, and other nearby establishments owned by the Hinduja Group after having received an information tip. Hard drives and documents were seized as proof. The four family members were found guilty by the court of giving unlicensed work, providing inadequate health insurance, and paying salaries that were less than ten per cent of what was usual for such positions in Switzerland. 

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