More than 800 Students HIV Positive, 47 Deaths Recorded

The Tripura government has clarified reports on 828 HIV cases, stating that these figures span 25 years. The Tripura State AIDS Control Society (TSACS) began operations in April 1999 and has since recorded 828 students testing positive for HIV. Currently, 572 students are alive, while 47 have succumbed to the infection.


Injectable Drug Abuse Among Students Blamed

The government noted that many of these students have relocated for higher studies in prestigious institutions across India. TSACS officials indicated that the rise in HIV cases is likely linked to injectable drug abuse among students from affluent families.

Rise HIV Case

TSACS Identifies 220 Schools, 24 Colleges Involved

A joint director of TSACS revealed that students from around 220 schools and 24 colleges and universities in Tripura have been identified as users of injectable drugs. Data was collected from 164 health facilities statewide, covering almost all blocks and subdivisions.

Doctor take samples

"In most cases, children from affluent families are detected HIV positive. Parents, often employed in government services, fulfill their children's demands without realizing the risk of drug abuse until it’s too late,"  stated TSACS officials.

The Supreme Court emphasized that products with suspended licenses should not be sold, with Justice Amanullah stating,

"If the license is suspended, the product should not be sold."

Efforts to control the spike in HIV cases continue, with TSACS focusing on drug abuse prevention and education in schools and colleges. Further updates are expected as the state addresses this public health concern.

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