Ayodhya: Ram Mandir's roof leaking within six months of inauguration

Ayodhya: According to reports that surfaced on Monday, June 24, the roof of the recently built Ram Temple in Ayodhya is leaking following the first significant rains since the temple's inauguration on January 22 of this year. Acharya Satyendra Das, the Chief Priest of the temple, raised this concern and further stated that there was no plan in place for the removal of rainwater from the premises of the temple following Saturday night's showers. He called on the temple administration to take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

"It is very surprising that engineers from all over the country are building the Ram temple. The temple was inaugurated on January 22. But, no one knew that if it rains, the roof will leak." - Acharya Satyendra Das

The priest added that rainwater was seeping through the roof right above the spot where the priest sits in front of Ram Lalla's idol and where visitors come for VIP darshan.

The Ram Mandir's Construction Work

The Chairman of the temple construction committee, Nripendra Mishra, visited the temple after senior officials had been made aware of the water leakage situation. He then gave the authorization to fix the roof and make it waterproof. Furthermore, he said, this occurred because the 'Guru Mandap' is open to the sky, and the Shikhar (spire) will cover this opening once it is completed.  But even with these assurances, the chief priest expressed doubts about the committee's claim that the full temple would be built by December 2024, calling it "impossible" considering the amount of work still needed.

The Ayodhya Ram Mandir

The Four New Pathways caving in

The four new Ayodhya routes—the Bhakti Path, the Ramjanmabhoomi Path, the Ram Path, and the Dharma Path—are named after the four Vedas and include solar lights and other contemporary amenities. However, after only six months of operation, these new pathways have already begun to cave in. Significant waterlogging was caused by Saturday night's heavy rainfall on Rampath Road and the adjoining roads. Parts of Ayodhya's newly built roads, including the Rampath, were damaged as sewer water seeped into nearby homes. According to the residents, there was also waterlogging from Tedhi Bazaar to the interior areas and from Jalwanpura to Hanumangarhi Bhakti path.

The roads in Ayodhya suffer from waterlogging

Despite debates about its potential social and economic effects, the Ram Temple, was praised for its opulent design and complex architecture, garnering significant national media attention. However, the opposition was able to secure the BJP's seat in Ayodhya City, therefore the temple did not result in any electoral wins for the party. Now, with new setbacks around the drainage system and major leaks, the debates around the construction of the temple have again gained momentum.

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