What can you do to save yourself from not becoming another Ankita Bhandari

Ankita Bhandari, the -19- year old girl who was working as a receptionist in the resort called Venantra near Rishikesh in Pauri district, owned by Bjp leader’s son Pulkit Arya, was brutally killed by the owner himself as she refused to provide ‘Special Service' to the guest. Drug abuse and prostitution were the so-called “ Services” of the resort and when the same was asked of Ankita she refused and that eventually became the reason for her murder by Pulkit Arya and 2 employees of the resort. 

So, what was her fault? Refusing something wrong or having a dream of working and being successful in life?
A screenshot of Ankita’s Chat

A screenshot of Ankita’s Chat  (Image source-ZeeNews)                               

In the chat, it can be seen that the accused, Pulkit also tried to misbehave with her in a drunk state of mind. 

 There is so much talking in the country about the safety of women, and the government makes statements of their commitment to their safety and well-being. But sexual harassment is widespread and most women suffer in silence, fearing outcomes. Ankita Bhandari’s litigation is the rare one that got attention for some reason. Women should fight such harassment and society should support them till gender-friendly workplaces become a thing. But till then the safety of one should be their responsibility, especially for women. These are some of the things you should always keep in mind while at the workplace:

1. Trust your instincts: Anything your gut says is not wrong. 90% of the time so you should always listen to that.

2. Be alert to potential danger: One should always be alert to the activities which are happening around them.

3. Report suspicious activities: Nothing should be ignored and anything wrong should immediately get reported.

4. Anticipate possible problems: Always be prepared for the possible problems that can come your way.

5. Knowing your surroundings: Knowing your surroundings gives you the ability to notice things that are not normal.


Forms of Harassment

Forms of Harassment (Image source: Ipleaders)

The Sexual Harassment of women at the workplace act 2013 is an act to protect women from sexual harassment at their place of work, be it public or private. The Act was made to ensure the right to gender equality and was assumed that the sense of safety will bring the best out of females and also increase their participation in work. This is high time that women should understand what is tolerable and what is not and there is no need to adjust to surroundings that are not good in any way. The more you tolerate the more people will try to suppress you. You should know your worth and You always have the freedom to say ‘NO'.

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