Food and Insulin allowed in class for diabetic Students, says Maharashtra Government

The State government of Maharashtra has issued a government circular permitting students with Type-1 diabetes to eat, drink water, use medications, insulin pumps, and monitoring devices, including smartphones, in both classrooms and exam halls.

These allowances apply to students with Type-1 diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) in classes from 1 to 12, as outlined in a government circular.

The state government has received a positive response from schools, parents, and NGOs. Teachers are also mandated to accommodate snack breaks for these students during morning and afternoon school sessions as needed.

A group of parents had been advocating for concessions for students with Type-1 diabetes during board exams, which typically last 2-3 hours. Up until now, only CBSE had permitted students with Type-1 diabetes to have snack breaks during these exams.

Although there is no specific mention regarding concessions for board exams in the circular, the state education board will provide guidelines on snack breaks during SSC and HSC exams.

Moreover, Additional facilities will be extended to these students during competitive and other exams to ensure their needs are met.

The decision was made based on the recommendations put forth by the chairman of the National Commission for Child Rights

Guidelines issued in the Circular

During exams, students can bring food, fruits, and snacks like biscuits, nuts, and dried fruits, which will be kept by teachers in the exam hall and will be provided to students in the classroom to manage their blood sugar levels if needed.

Students are permitted to have their diabetes tablets, glucometer, and glucose test strips during exams, which must be kept with the exam invigilator.

Students using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and flash glucose monitoring (FGM) devices or insulin pumps are allowed to have these devices with them during exams.

Those using smartphones for recording and monitoring glucose levels can do so within the exam hall, but the phone will need to be kept with the examiner.

Schools have been instructed to offer online facilities for students during exams. In the absence of formal concessions, schools have to independently accommodate  the needs of students with diabetes. School authorities are instructed to maintain records of students with diabetes and take necessary actions.

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