Vygr Unboxes - Bombay Greens DIY Gardening Kit

If you are someone who loves gardening but never has the time. Look no further as Vygr presents Bombay green’s DIY gardening kit. 

Bombay Green’s DIY Gardening Kit

This easy-to-grow, even easier-to-plant Diy kit is bought by us from,  Bombay Greens by Danke Group. They are a gardening company that has researched the best ways to grow plants right at home.  

Their DIY kit is easy and fun! Priced at just ₹325 the Gardening kits contain everything you'll need to start your very own small little plant family right at home. 

The kit includes:-

  •  3 Seedling pots
  •  3 Varieties of Seeds
  • Cocopeat Discs
  • Organic plant food
  • Plant tags
  • Grow Guide

Bombay Green’s DIY Gardening Kit

The seeding pots are 3 inches each and are sturdy enough to help your plant grow. The seeds come in different varieties so you can choose the ones that you want to grow. The cocopeat discs will help you start the gardening process with minimal dirt and mess. And of course, the plant food is 100% organic and is procured from decomposed manure and waste plants. They obtain the manure used, from multiple cow sheds in Maharashtra. Bombay Green also supplies you with easy-to-mark plant tags to distinguish your plants from one another and a growing guide. The grow guide will be your support from the first stage of growing till the very last!

The gardening kit is so easy to use and so interesting that it will become the perfect gift for any age group. Children will love watering and tracking care of their plants, and so will any adult. Even people who have retired will find a fascinating hobby in this activity, 

Bombay Green’s DIY Gardening Kit

We can assure you that these kits will make your balcony, garden or terrace more beautiful and interesting. 

With Bombay Green's same-day dispatch and cash-on-delivery options, you will receive your DIY kit in a few days to the most and have a beautiful and blooming garden in a few weeks at best!!

We especially recommend the Gardening Kit to those families who live to eat salads and vegetables but are tired of paying the high price and then worrying about pesticides and chemicals present in them. By growing your own vegetables you not only save money but you also make sure that the health of your family is safe.

Bombay Green’s DIY Gardening Kit

You can order your DIY gardening kit at https://www.bombaygreens.com/pages/diy-gardening-kit, you can also keep in touch and know more about their future products by following them at their Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bombay.greens/  and LinkedIn profiles -  www.linkedin.com/in/tanviag

Like Bombay Greens says, “Stop Reading, Start Growing” So, what are you waiting for? Start Right Now!


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