TikTok-like Video Feed on LinkedIn soon

The only social-media platform which has yet not introduced ‘short-form’ video feed was LinkedIn, Not anymore. LinkedIn is reportedly experimenting with a new feature in its app resembling TikTok's vertical short-form video feed, aiming to enhance its business and employment-focused platform.  LinkedIn itself confirmed the news to TechCrunch on Wednesday.

Originally shared by Austin Null, director of strategy at the McKinney influencer agency, a brief demo on LinkedIn unveiled the platform's latest feature: a new "Video" tab potentially accessible through the navigation bar. 

What’s the ‘Video Tab’?

The feature is currently being tested by LinkedIn and is not widely available to users yet. Upon tapping the Video button, users will be directed to a vertical feed displaying short videos for browsing similar to other apps. Users can interact with the content by liking, sharing, and commenting.


LinkedIn's focus is evidently on career-related and professional content, distinguishing it from feeds encompassing various themes like comedy and cooking. This implies that users can anticipate videos offering career guidance, insights from industry leaders, analysis, job search tips, and more, all presented in a format that's easy to consume. 

LinkedIn has yet to disclose how it will ensure that the content posted on the video feed aligns with the platform's overall theme. The new LinkedIn channel provides creators with a fresh platform to share video content and potentially expand their audience reach. In the long run, LinkedIn may explore options to monetize the channel, incentivizing creators to post video content on the app.

Rise of Short-Form videos

All popular social media platforms already have this video feature embedded, like Instagram’s reels, YouTube’s Shorts, Snapchat’s Spotlight. Even Netflix has introduced their own short-form video channels. This major shift of focus from Long format videos to attention seeker short-form was made popular by TikTok. 

And as LinkedIn has developed a large following of creators over the years, with the launch of short-form videos, the platform hopes to increase engagement by providing easily consumable content, such as job search tips, career advice, and industry expert insights, in a few seconds video format. 

short form videos on social media

LinkedIn recognized that users were becoming more and more interested in video content, so they introduced this short-form video feed. Internet users now have a very short span of attention, and want ease of consumption. Users will prioritise short form videos over other formats when learning from professionals and experts. 

Moreover, With the help of this feature, creators and industry professionals will have more chances to showcase their expertise and skills and attract a larger audience. Although it has always been possible to post videos on LinkedIn, this specific channel was created with the intention of increasing engagement and content discovery by offering short videos that are easy to watch.

However, in contrast some users may not be pleased with the new channel on the app because they may feel overloaded with the numerous other short video channels that are available on well-known apps.

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