Google is reportedly working on Character AI-like chatbots based on celebrities

Google is reportedly developing AI-powered chatbots based on popular celebrities and YouTube influencers, taking inspiration from companies like Meta and According to a report by The Information, these chatbots will utilize Google's in-house large language model, Gemini, to deliver personalized and engaging interactions. 

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Celebrity Partnerships and Custom Chatbots

The tech giant is actively seeking to partner with numerous celebrities and influencers for this ambitious project. Although it remains unclear which specific personalities will be involved, the project promises to let users interact with and even create their own chatbots, a feature that already offers. This new initiative is spearheaded by a dedicated team of ten, including Ryan Germick from the Google Doodles team. Initially, the feature is expected to be available through Google Labs.

Competition in the AI Chatbot Market, a startup known for allowing users to create chatbots mimicking celebrities, has set a precedent in this space. Google’s interest in was evident last November when it was rumored to be considering a significant investment in the company. Meanwhile, Meta has already launched a similar service featuring chatbots of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, MrBeast, and Dwyane Wade, although these chatbots portray fictitious characters rather than the celebrities' real lives. 

Google & AI

Google's entry into the celebrity chatbot market marks a significant step in AI-driven personalized experiences, potentially revolutionizing how fans interact with their favorite stars.

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