AI Readiness Index: Global Disparities and Opportunities

A new AI Preparedness Index Dashboard shows how 174 economies differ in their readiness for artificial intelligence (AI). AI has the potential to increase productivity and create new jobs, but it also raises concerns about job loss and increased inequality.

AI Data Dashboard

The Index ranks countries according to digital infrastructure, human capital, labor policies, innovation, and regulation. Wealthier nations are typically better prepared for AI adoption, whereas low-income countries may struggle due to a lack of infrastructure and skilled workers.

AI may threaten 33% of jobs in advanced economies, 24% in emerging economies, and 18% in low-income countries. However, it also provides opportunities to increase productivity and establish new industries. Policymakers in advanced economies should prioritize expanding social safety nets, investing in worker training, and promoting AI innovation. Meanwhile, emerging and developing economies must invest in digital infrastructure and worker training to fully reap the benefits of AI.

Promoting AI

The dashboard aims to assist stakeholders in assessing AI readiness and designing policies to ensure that AI advancements benefit everyone, thereby preventing global inequality from widening.

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