International Private Label and Contract Manufacturing Expo 2024

The International Private Label & Contract Manufacturing (IPLCM) Expo, was a premium three-day business-to-business event that was held from 8-10 February 2024 at the prestigious Bombay Exhibition Centre, which recently took place in the busy metropolis of Mumbai. This exclusive event, dedicated to the private label, white label, and contract manufacturing industries, served as a pivotal platform for global networking and sourcing opportunities.

Skin care Brands at IPLCM expo

IPLCM Expo 2024

The IPLCM Expo showcased an extensive array of 100% customizable products, spanning both the food and non-food sectors. Attendees had the chance to explore a diverse range of offerings, including but not limited to food and beverages, baby care products, beauty and personal care items, hair care solutions, cleaning and home essentials, personal accessories, stationery and school supplies, health and wellness products, and much more. The event brought together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals from across the world, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.

FMCG business at the expo

On the second day i.e. 9 February 2024 of the Expo, attendees were treated to a unique showcase that included specialized categories such as animal rescue equipment and food, pet-related products, Puneri spices, dry fruits, papad, skincare solutions, and refreshing juices. The diverse array of exhibits highlighted the versatility and innovation within the private label and contract manufacturing sectors, offering businesses and consumers alike a glimpse into the latest trends and developments.

Puneri spices at IPLCM expo 2024

A Global Networking Hub

The Expo provided a conducive environment for participants to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and explore potential business ventures. The emphasis on customization and adaptability was a recurring theme, reflecting the evolving nature of the private label and contract manufacturing industries on a global scale.

Beauty brand at the expo

As the curtain fell on the International Private Label and Contract Manufacturing Expo 2024, attendees departed with a wealth of knowledge, new contacts, and a heightened awareness of the vast opportunities within the private label and contract manufacturing landscape. The event's success underscored Mumbai's position as a hub for business innovation and collaboration, setting the stage for future editions that are sure to captivate and inspire industry professionals worldwide.


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