Carlo Acutis, 'God's Influencer,' to Become First Millennial Saint

Carlo Acutis, a London-born teenager who succumbed to leukemia in 2006, is poised to achieve sainthood, marking a significant milestone as the Catholic Church's first millennial saint. His path to sainthood was solidified by Pope Francis' acknowledgment of a second miracle attributed to him. Dubbed "God's influencer" and "the patron saint of the internet," Acutis harnessed his computer skills to spread the gospel online, bridging faith and technology in a remarkable manner.

Carlo Acutis, 'God's Influencer,' to Become First Millennial Saint

The Digital Apostle: Acutis' Impact on Technology and Faith

Carlo Acutis' journey exemplifies a harmonious integration of faith and technology, as he utilized his exceptional computer skills to advance the church's teachings. From an early age, Acutis demonstrated a fervent dedication to Catholicism, which he coupled with a keen interest in technology. Through self-taught coding, he developed websites for various Catholic organizations, leveraging the internet as a tool for evangelization. Notably, his website chronicling miracles worldwide stands as a testament to his innovative approach in utilizing technology to propagate the gospel. Acutis' beatification ceremony, where Cardinal Agostino Vallini lauded his digital evangelism, further underscores his profound impact on both the virtual and spiritual realms.

Carlo Acutis, 'God's Influencer,' to Become First Millennial Saint

Who was Carlos Acutis?

Before succumbing to leukemia in 2006, Carlos Acutis curated a website documenting miracles and provided web management services for various local Catholic organizations in Italy. In 2020, his mother, Antonia Acutis, described him as a beacon of light amidst the internet's darker aspects. She recounted how he began attending daily mass at the tender age of seven, underscoring his deep-rooted faith.

Antonia emphasized that her son's life serves as a testament to the positive potential of the internet, stating, "His life can serve as an example of how the internet can be utilized for benevolent purposes, spreading goodness." Carlos himself left a poignant reflection: "People who bask in the sun acquire a tan; those who immerse themselves in the Eucharist attain sanctity."

Following his passing, the diocese of Assisi initiated the process for Carlos Acutis's canonization. Authorities meticulously examined his correspondence, browsing history, and testimonies from acquaintances while awaiting documented miracles that would bolster his candidacy for sainthood.

Carlo Acutis, 'God's Influencer,' to Become First Millennial Saint

First Miracle Involving Mattheus in Brazil

Carlo Acutis, in addition to the widely known miracle involving Liliana and her daughter in Costa Rica, was attributed with several other miraculous events. In Brazil, a young boy named Mattheus experienced a remarkable healing from a serious birth defect—an annular pancreas—after seeking Acutis' intercession through prayer. Pope Francis himself acknowledged Acutis' role in this miraculous healing, affirming its authenticity and significance.

Posthumous Miracle in Italy

Following Acutis' passing in his native Italy, his body was laid to rest in a tomb alongside his personal belongings. It was here that the journey towards his sainthood commenced. A pivotal moment arose when a seven-year-old Brazilian boy reportedly recovered from a rare pancreatic ailment after coming into contact with one of Acutis' shirts while a priest invoked prayers on his behalf. This remarkable recovery, deemed miraculous, garnered approval from Pope Francis, further solidifying Acutis' reputation for intercession and miraculous intervention.

Carlo Acutis, 'God's Influencer,' to Become First Millennial Saint

Second Miracle and Canonization

A subsequent miracle unfolded involving a university student in Florence who suffered a severe brain hemorrhage following a bicycle accident. Initially deemed to be in critical condition, prayers offered at Acutis' tomb, particularly by her mother, seemed to usher in a miraculous turnaround. Within a mere 10 days, medical scans revealed no traces of the brain injury, defying initial prognoses. Pope Francis' endorsement of this second miracle paved the way for Acutis' canonization, affirming his status as a saint within the Catholic Church.

Understanding Canonization

Canonization stands as the ultimate recognition bestowed by the Church upon individuals deemed worthy of sainthood. The process is meticulously structured and typically initiated no sooner than five years posthumously to ensure thorough evaluation and impartial judgment.


Legacy and Influence

Carlo Acutis, often hailed as "God's influencer," leveraged his technological prowess to propagate the Catholic faith, leaving an indelible mark through his digital initiatives and documented miracles. His canonization, notably as the first saint born in the 1990s, signifies a momentous occasion for the Catholic Church, underscoring Acutis' enduring legacy and profound influence on contemporary spirituality.

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