World's first needle-free Insulin spray 'Ozulin' to be launched soon

 A Hyderabad-based company -NiedlFree Technologies Pvt Ltd, associated with Transgene Biotek Ltd, has recently made a breakthrough in diabetes treatment. They have successfully developed a needle-free oral insulin spray called Ozulin. This innovative product could potentially provide relief for diabetics who struggle with the pain of insulin shots. According to media reports, in just a couple of years, managing blood sugar levels might become as simple as spraying a dose of insulin into the mouth.

As per the company's announcement, Ozulin( Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation) is expected to become available on the market in approximately 2 to 3 years, roughly around the year 2025-26.

The company has requested approval from CDSCO to carry out safety and toxicology studies. Once these studies are completed, they will proceed with human clinical trials, according to Dr K Koteswara Rao, co-founder and director of NiedlFree Technologies and CMD of Transgene Biotek. According to the TOI report, Dr Rao mentioned that NiedlFree has already obtained global patents for oral insulin in more than 40 countries. Additionally, the company is actively involved in developing oral and nasal sprays for the treatment of various conditions including cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's.

What is the function of insulin?

Insulin is super important for keeping our bodies fueled up and balanced. It helps move glucose to cells that need it, like the liver, muscles, and fat tissue. This way, we can keep our energy levels steady and make sure all our micronutrients are in check.

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