Suggestions to train yourself in becoming a mastermind

What comes to mind when you hear the word "mastermind"? Does Sherlock Holmes appear? Isaac Newton or is it Elon Musk? Whatever your response, it must have something to do with these people's brains, or more precisely, how excellently their brains function, for them to be as well-known as they are today. You can, however, take time to become one of them. Rome wasn't created overnight, was it? 

In this article, we offer some ideas for how to develop your mastermind skills:

1. Gain Knowledge 

Gain Knowledge

One of the finest ways to acquire knowledge, share ideas, and foster lifelong learning is through reading. It strengthens our brain and expands our vocabulary and boosts memory capacity. Some book recommendations are, Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, The 7 habits of highly effective people: Powerful lessons in personal change by Stephen R Covey and Six of crows by Leigh Bardugo. 

2. Play Brain games 

Brain-training games are used by people of all ages to enhance cognitive performance and delay cognitive ageing. According to studies, if played over an extended period of time, brain-training games can aid with measures of cognitive function like attention, memory, response time, logic, and logic. Some brain games you can play are Lumosity, Crosswords, Peak and Happy Neuron. 

3. Solve Puzzles

Puzzles for adults    ( 

Adult puzzle books are good for the brain, and they also offer a sort of screen-free enjoyment that is lacking for people of all ages. Some suggestions are The  Master Theorem, The 125 best brain teasers of all time and Tricky logic puzzles for adults. 

4.  Healthy lifestyle 

Focus on improving your physical health before improving your mental faculties. Engage in healthy habits including not smoking, keeping a healthy BMI, exercising frequently, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and consuming low to moderate amounts of alcohol.

5. Socialize 

Social gathering                     (

In this day and age, having healthy social interactions is crucial. create connections with supporters and contributors to your well-being. Cutting off unwanted voices from your life is crucial for maintaining one's sanity and motivation.

6. Listen to Podcast 

 Podcast                             (

Podcasts also teach us how to listen more effectively. Podcasts force listeners to use their imagination and create the images in their minds because they listen to them rather than watch them. Therefore, those who often listen to podcasts have imaginations that are more robust and detailed. You can learn new things by listening to podcasts, which is yet another excellent advantage. Some podcast recommendations are, In the Dark, Black girl songbook and Maintenance phase. 

In order to become a mastermind, a person must be dedicated to the new routines they adopt and embrace the possibility that events may take longer than anticipated to unfold. Realizing that there is more to learn and achieve and that no one is exactly like you. The advice given above will support you as you progress toward mastermind status.

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