Revant Himatsingka new video on Misleading Labels and Advertising in Indian Food Industry

In a recent video shared across his social media platforms, renowned food blogger and influencer Revant Himatsingka sheds light on deceptive packaging and labelling practices employed by major food brands in India.

The short video dissects the actual ingredient amounts in several popular products, showing the stark difference between marketed claims and reality.

Some glaring examples include:

  • Nestlé's Lemon Ice Tea contains just 2% tea and a staggering 99.3% sugar content per package, despite being advertised as a tea beverage.
  • Britannia's Rusk product boasts of its suji (semolina) content, which amounts to a mere 1.8% of the total ingredients.
  • ITC's Sunfeast Mom's Magic cashew and almond biscuits have only 0.9% cashew kernels and 0.1% almonds, contrary to the nut-filled impression given by the product name and packaging.
  • McVities' whole-wheat Marie biscuits from United Biscuits are misleadingly labelled, with 52% of the ingredients being refined maida flour and only around 19% being actual whole wheat flour.
  • Mondelez's Orange Tang drink mix contains just 0.9% real orange fruit powder, while packing 92.7% added sugars along with artificial sweeteners.
  • Himatsingka's video has sparked discussions around transparency in food labelling and the ethics of such marketing tactics that appear to grossly misrepresent the true nature of the products. As consumers become more conscious, scrutiny on these practices is likely to intensify.

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