Landmark Approval: US greenlights first vaccine against Chikungunya virus

The first-ever chikungunya vaccine gains FDA approval, marking a milestone in global health defence.

This mosquito-borne illness brings fever and joint pain, posing a serious threat, especially to newborns.

The FDA's green light promises to fast-track global distribution, crucial as this year has seen around 440,000 cases and 350 deaths by September.

Ixchiq, the newly sanctioned vaccine by Valneva, targets individuals 18 and older at high infection risk.

The single-shot solution aims to shield against a disease that lacks a specific treatment.

Photo: US approves first vaccine against Chikungunya virus

Joint pains, rashes, and headaches mark the condition, which can persist for months or even years.

Chikungunya hotspots in South America, South Asia, and other tropical regions face the highest exposure.

While the virus traditionally thrives in these areas, its recent spread to new territories fuels the disease's worldwide surge.

Brazil and India have faced substantial outbreaks, with Brazil reporting over 218,613 cases and India over 93,000 cases this year.

With the FDA's nod, hopes rise for curbing this concerning global health menace.

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