How does it feel to be seen-zoned?

Nothing compares to that awful wait after sending a nerve-wracking text message. You've experienced it, we've experienced it, and odds are it happens to each of us occasionally. And no matter how often it may be, being abandoned on text still stings. Only by looking at the blue tick on WhatsApp or the four-letter word "seen" on Instagram DM, your ego along with your emotions takes a nasty beating, leaving you at your most vulnerable. 

Urban Dictionary explains the expression 'Seen-zoned' as "When you text someone, they see it, but they don't text back." If you've heard it but weren't sure what it meant then this is what ''seen zoned'' or ''left on read'' means. 

Seenzone frustration

The majority of us will go over every excuse for the person's silence, allowing worry and confusion to run wild in our brains. However, left on read might signify a variety of things, so why should we automatically assume the worst? The following is what you ought to do if you ever find yourself in a similar circumstance again: 

Avoid making snap judgments 

It's possible that the other person isn't using their phone at all. They might have forgotten, their battery might have died, or they might be preoccupied with something else. The other person can also be experiencing difficulties; for instance, someone experiencing a depressed episode might not have the energy to respond after reading. 

Don't send them consecutive texts

Doubling up on texts is an easy way to make things much worse. Because when you send another text or twenty after being placed on read once, you run the chance of being seen-zoned once more. And it would hurt worse this time. It will simply give the impression that you are extremely clingy, needy, or obsessed. You don't need to disrespect yourself in that manner. If you are important to them, they will attempt to respond, and if not, you already know the answer.                 

Avoid pressuring them to text you back 

It could seem like a profitable alternative, especially since inflammatory words laced with guilt are sure to elicit a response, but in the long run, all it accomplishes is to make you appear petty and butthurt. Furthermore, you won't get any joy from being cruel. 

Take a break from using your phone 

If you use your phone every day, it is nearly impossible to put it aside for several hours. Checking your text messages or contacting them will become more alluring if you are always on your phone. It will eventually make you more anxious because you'll continue to wonder if they'll reply or not. 

Manage your emotions 

It's simple to point the finger at yourself if someone stops responding to your texts. They neglect to answer when the conversation might have been going nicely. Don't give up on yourself by losing confidence and most importantly not blaming yourself. 

Don't take it personally 

Being left on read shouldn't be taken too seriously or personally unless the message you wrote was insulting or inappropriate. It's possible that the other person just stopped paying attention to the conversation or assumed that your prior communication didn't require a response.  In either case, it doesn't have to affect you and instead focuses more on what they were or weren't seeking in life. Even the finest among us experience it, and when it occurs, it is best to accept it and carry on. 

Instead of worrying about why we haven't yet received a message reply, let's explore what we can do instead:

Spend some time in nature

Your mood might be balanced by the beauty of the natural world. Your entire life may seem to revolve around one person if you keep going over texts in your head. Take a breath of fresh air and take in your surroundings. When you lose yourself in the present, your stress levels will decrease and you'll probably stop thinking about specifics from the past. 

spend some time in nature

Get moving 

Look for videos of new fitness routines online. Visit a VR arcade to play video games while also getting some exercise. Endorphins, which improve mood and make you forget about worries, are also released when you exercise. 

Get moving when seenzoned

Grab a Book 

Your problems will vanish if you get lost in a good book. Hearing about acts of bravery and happy endings of other people can make you feel incredibly empowered and inspire you to consider your goals. Self-help books are fantastic because they encourage you to reflect on your personal growth. 

get a book when seenzoned

Movie/favourite show Marathon 

The lives of fictitious people can often be so entertaining. If you pick a show with several episodes, you could become engrossed in the plot. You might not even consider what might appear on your phone when following the plot and trying to figure out the finish. 

get a movie show or binge

Spend time with loved ones 

You'll be reminded by your social network how important you are. People enjoy spending time with you when you accept invitations or suggest enjoyable activities. You might even discover that you prefer contacting your friends to the person you've been hoping to hear from. 


Finally, recognize your worth and never forget that you are a gift. If you had to put a text conversation behind you, just keep in mind that it doesn't fully represent who you are. That person simply didn't get to know you very well because of one random circumstance. But you are the best judge of yourself! Go ahead with your day and make the most of it.

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