The 'RIP Cartoon Network' trend: Here's all you need to know

A sudden upsurge in the "RIPCartoonNetwork" trend on X has stunned viewers, with everyone speculating that the channel would "shut down." Cartoon Network, the American cable television network owned by Warner Bros. Discovery has played a significant role in the childhood of every child born in the 90s. People were therefore alarmed by reports suggesting the channel may shut down.

Assuming that the network would shut down, social media users swarmed to X on Tuesday with heartfelt posts on Cartoon Network.

 #RIPCartoonNetwork started trending after a montage video posted by the X account "Animation Workers Ignited" that said, "Cartoon Network is dead?!" The post also implied that other animation companies are dealing with similar problems, especially because of industry layoffs.

The context of the video

The widely circulated video describes how Cartoon Network is now on its way out, and other companies are following suit. It also talks about the animation industry, stating that record numbers of workers were expected to lose their jobs and that many of them had already been unemployed for more than a year. Two animated characters were seen in the video discussing the potential dangers to the animation industry. In less than four hours, the video received over three million views after going viral. Social media users started using the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork to share their favourite cartoons.

“Wow! So, this is where cartoons get made! Not anymore, Cartoon Network is essentially dead! And other big animation studios are not far behind. What the hell? What happened to all the animation workers?! A lot of them are unemployed. In record numbers, in fact. And many have been unemployed for years. But, they carried the industry during the pandemic! That’s right when COVID first hit, animation was able to operate completely remotely,” the video demonstrated.

Animation Industry's problems

The video blamed these problems on greed, saying major studios boosted their finances by lowering expenditures and cutting staff, which in turn, helped CEOs and executives to get rich. It asked viewers to follow the account for more ways to support the cause and to spread the word by posting about their favourite Cartoon Network shows with the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork.

The clarification of rumours

As the hashtag garnered popularity, rumours were going around that Cartoon Network was going out of business. But these claims are untrue. To draw attention to the difficulties experienced by those working in the sector, the animators' union, "Animation Workers Ignited," is adopting the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork. There hasn't been any official confirmation as of yet that Cartoon Network is shutting down.

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