Andrew Huberman Controversy: Neuroscientist and Podcaster's 'Dark Side'?

A big and thorough exposé has been made by a New York Magazine article ‘Falling For Dr. Huberman’. And It is about the ‘Dating Life’ of renowned neuroscientist and Podcaster Andrew Huberman. However this controversy has been a debated one. One side argues how they feel betrayed about the clash of identity of Huberman from his ‘Reel’ to his ‘Real’. But Some advocate his innocence, considering the article a mere ‘publicity stunt’ by the journalist. Let’s deep dive into this Andrew Huberman Controversy.

Who is Andrew Huberman? He is known for his podcast, which covers a broad range of scientific research. He has spent his 10 years of life working in the field of neuroscience, it was in 2021, when Huberman was inspired to start his own podcast by fellow scientist and podcaster Lex Fridman. And, ‘Huberman Lab podcast’ was launched. It garnered a massive fan following on multiple platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, and millions of listeners worldwide.It is consistently ranked among the top podcasts worldwide. Huberman also works as a researcher and professor at Stanford University and significantly talks about advancement of our knowledge and brain development, function, and neural plasticity.


Huberman a ‘Serial’ Cheater?

With all this on the ‘work front’, his personal life as per the reports looks shady, making him the next target of the ' Cancel Culture.' He is accused of being Manipulator and ‘Serial’ Cheater by his ex-girlfriends. A troubling picture has been painted of a man whose public personality is of a physical and mental health Champion but it sharply contrasts with his alleged private life.

Huberman has been accused of being in relationships with at least five different women in the US all at the same time. Apparently, These women, all his Exes, got in touch via a group chat and found out how much Huberman had allegedly been lying about. 

One of Huberman's Ex- girlfriends, Sara, claims that he has been a manipulator. He has criticised Sara’s past choices and relationships, such as having children with a man other than her partner before they were together. She alleges that he would even go so far as to emotionally distress her by questioning and making her regret her sexual and reproductive decisions. 


Sara claims that Huberman became particularly intense and dominating after she moved in with him. He was aggressive and controlling, engaging in heated arguments that went on for several days. She told how she was left feeling betrayed and devastated. She claims that Huberman's outbursts of rage and control increased, with him forcing his will on her decisions and giving her long yells, lessons and berating sessions.

Eve, one of the women, thought she was in a committed relationship with him, it was later when she found out about Huberman's relationships with other women, basically being involved in infidelity.

Another huge revelation is made that one woman unexpectedly tested positive for HPV (Human Papillomavirus) during her relationship with Huberman, even though she had regular check-ups. However, Huberman supposedly downplayed her worries, blaming multiple sources for HPV transmission and denying any of his involvement.


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Moreover, Huberman is accused of his regular disappearances. He disappears for days at a time with no explanation, and these were not limited to his personal life but also occurred in professional settings, leaving people like investigative journalist Scott Carney adrift and unanswered.

Huberman's supposed acts show a glaring hypocrisy and betrayal of trust, despite his podcast and public persona advocating for physical and mental health. His actions directly conflict with the principles he upholds, sparking criticism from the public and demands for responsibility. 

However, all the accusations of manipulative behaviour, infidelity, and problems with anger management, have been refuted by Huberman's team. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions and concerns regarding Huberman's conduct and character because he has not publicly responded to these allegations. Though he was previously praised especially in his podcast episodes, several questions are being raised about Huberman's integrity and moral character.

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